Services and solutions

Continuous growth in software development and innovation

Integración de sistemas y equipos

Integration of systems and equipment

We integrate solutions and services for all types of GPON and DOCSIS networks

Support and maintenance

We offer effective 24-hour support and maintenance services using a ticket system


We offer our clients different service models for the configuration and launch of networks



We are committed to providing our clients with optimum consulting services

Preventive engineering

Our experienced team of engineers to provide assistance and design solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients

Applications and solutions for network management

We develop software applications designed specifically to meet the technology needs of operators

GPON solutions for operators

Integration, configuration and solutions for FTTH networks

Configuration and launch of FTTH networks

At Alea Soluciones we have extensive experience in helping our clients to launch and maintain their GPON or DOCSIS networks.

We provide the technical support and services our clients need to configure and manage their equipment and offer high-quality internet access to their users.

For FTTH networks, we primarily use Huawei equipment. Alea Soluciones is a Value-Added Partner (VAP) in Spain and a 5-star Certified Service Provider.

Solutions and services for telephony, data and television

Alea offers all types of solutions and services for standard FTTH networks, from Triple Play (telephony, data and television) to the integration of “turn-key” projects requested by the client.

  • We have developed a software platform for the control, management and monitoring of the entire network.
  • For fixed-line telephony, our team has developed a softswitch platform that gives operators complete control over all calls on their networks.
  • For television, we integrate services and equipment for both IPTV and 3rd window.

Technology certification

At Alea Soluciones we test and verify all equipment launched in the Spanish market by different manufacturers.

Before distribution, we conduct exhaustive tests on each piece of equipment to ensure that the functionality and performance are appropriate for their target market.

Following up, we continue working to optimise equipment performance and to provide the most appropriate specifications and functionalities to meet the needs of our clients.

Integration, configuration and solutions for FTTH networks

Technical support and maintenance

Incident resolution, preventive actions and advanced maintenance

Preventive actions

Preventive actions

  • Configuration backup
  • IP Logs
  • Training programs
  • Software updates
  • Monitoring of systems, equipment, etc.
Corrective actions

Corrective actions

  • 24/7/365 Service
  • Restoration of services
  • Incident resolution
  • Alarms management
  • Advance equipment replacement

Ticket management

Advanced tools for the control, management and resolution of tasks

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Equipment wholesaler

Ample stock of equipment for GPON and DOCSIS

Equipment wholesaler
  • Non-conventional wholesaler
  • On hand inventory
  • Planned deliveries
  • Aggregated shipments
  • Price optimisation
  • RMA management
  • Technical support
  • Wholesaler specialised in GPON and DOCSIS
Solution Certified
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